Risk Assessment (principles & practice)


A properly implemented program of risk assessments can assist in the prevention of injuries, fatalities, property damage incidents and other losses.


Course Objectives


The overall aim of the course is for trainees to acquire the knowledge and practical skills so as to improve their competency in carrying out risk assessments under the Health & Safety at Work (General) (Guernsey) Ordinance, 1987 in conjunction with the Managment of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (as amended).


Course Content


● The purposes for and benefits of a risk assessment approach to the management of health and safety.

● The basic principles of risk assessment and stages involved in carrying out risk assessments in practice. 

● The key legislative requirements on risk assessment.

● How to carry out, record, monitor and review risk assessments within the trainees own working enviroment (subject to possession of necessary technical knowledge and skills).

●Trainees realising the limitations of their own knowledge and experience and they will be aware of where to seek further information, guidance and assistance.



Who should attend - The course is designed for Managers, Supervisors and all those who have a responsibility to conduct risk assessments.


Assessment - Assessment is conducted through a number of exercises carried out under the guidance of our tutor and candidates will receive a Normandie Health & Safety Limited certificate of training.


Please note: All our courses are delivered in English. All delegates must have a good understanding of written and spoken English to attend this course.


Course Dates:  09th February, 05th April, 15th June, 15th September, 16th November 2022 Please contact us: info@normandiehs.com 

Guide price £160 per person

Duration 1/2 day


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