Safety Training Why?

It is often assumed that the primary reason for undertaking Health and Safety training is that it is a requirement under Health and Safety legislation.

The Health and Safety at work (General) (Guernsey) Ordinance, 1987 and Health and Safety at work (Jersey) law, 1989 contain specific requirements for the provision of information, instruction, training and supervision by an employer, for all employees in matters of occupational safety and health, whilst they are at work.

Although this is a satisfactory and primary obligation the real reason for training must be that it equips persons concerned with a higher level of skill and ability to perform their duties effectively which will result in a better job and better benefits to the employer.

Suitable training can significantly reduce the incidence of injuries, ill health, lost time and pollution. It can therefore directly or indirectly lead to reduced costs and increased profitability.

So how can Normandie Health and Safety help you?

By providing relevant, competitively priced, training either as part of open or 'in company' (closed) courses tailored to your requirements. Our comprehensive course directory outlines our training services, we are also able to design bespoke courses for specific industry or business activities.

We are able to offer courses accredited by IOSH amongst others. 

The collective knowledge and years of experience of our trainers we believe ensures the quality of delivery that our clients continue to require and to receive. Our customer satisfaction guarantee is very straightforward if you genuinely feel that we did not meet your expectations we will either, fix it, offer you an alternative service of an equivalent value or give you your money back.

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