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Whether your Company is active or not on Social Media, your employees probably are. Social media can bring many benefits to the workplace; increased collaboration, brand awareness, etc., but equally, because of its potential to reach mass audiences instantly, the possibility for a serious incident to occur is very real.


If employees are not officially using social media in the workplace they are almost certainly using it in a personal capacity. Sometimes personal use can overlap and blur with workplace use, for example, employees may have both a work profile and a personal profile on Twitter, and if you ignore social media, how can you manage what is being said about issues relevant to the workplace? The first step in managing social media is to have a policy.


A social media policy is your initial line of defence to mitigate risk for both the Company and the individual.


On the issue of Social Media, Acas advises employers to draw up a policy, treat 'electronic behaviour' as you treat 'non-electronic behaviour' and react reasonably to issues around social media.


To promote best practice and avoid legal disputes, every employee should be provided with information regarding social media practices that the Company deem to be acceptable and unacceptable.




In this training course employees will learn:

  • Definition of Social media.
  • The benefits and risks of social media.
  • Their responsibility to use social media in an appropriate manner and not to create unnecessary risks by their misuse of it.
  • Company guidelines on acceptable use of social media.
  • How misuse of social media can result in disciplinary procedures being instigated.




  • Ensures employees know what is expected of them with regard to Social Media use.
  • Provide the means to effectively communicate your appropriate use policy to employees to reduce your exposure to costly legal disputes.
  • Compliance record provides for disciplinary action where needed.


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