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Pandemic Awareness is a 20 minute course that provides employees with information on what a pandemic is, how it spreads and what they can do to protect themselves. It is designed to support and compliment an organisation's efforts to implement sensible control measures in preparation for the possible accelerated spread of the virus in the autumn and winter.


The course is easily customisable to allow organisations to add any specific policies and procedures they wish to communicate to employees to cope with possible business disruption as a result of an increase in the spread of the virus.


For example, companies may have systems in place which allows employees to continue working from home or may wish to implement policies which encourage employees to switch the need for face-to-face meetings and instead use the phone or web-conferencing facilities. Companies may also wish to reiterate their sick leave policies and policy on attendance by employees who are displaying symptoms.




  • What is a Pandemic?
  • How a Pandemic spreads.
  • The symptoms of Pandemic Flu.
  • How to protect themselves from infection.
  • Where to access the latest information on Pandemic Flu.


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