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This 35 minute course is designed to increase awareness of how your behaviour on the road can affect how safe a driver you are. Accidents happen due to inattention and distractions as well as failure to observe the rules of the road. This course will help you identify those behaviours that affect road safety and provide information to ensure you use the road as safely as possible.




  • A better awareness of your responsibilities when driving on a public roadway.
  • Take more responsibility for the everyday safety of your vehicle.
  • Recognise dangerous driving behaviours that cause accidents.
  • Be more familiar with safe driving techniques.
  • Recognise the importance of good posture and posture change whilst driving.




Managing occupational road risk within your organisation ensures compliance with current Health and Safety legislation by extending your 'duty of care' to those who drive for work purposes.


Reduce risk of liability under the Corporate Manslaughter Act in case of a work related road fatality by demonstrating good workplace practice and good management in relation to safe driving.


In the event of an accident demonstrate compliance with the relevant legislation by producing an audit trail for both driver training and risk assessment data.


Reduce the costs associated with accidents; repairs, insurance costs, days lost to injury, by raising awareness of appropriate road safety behaviours and delivering specific company related policies.


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