Alcohol & Drug Awareness - eLearning



Drug & Alcohol Awareness is a 20 minute course that provides employees with information regarding the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse as well as specific rules regarding the use of these substances in the workplace.


The course has been designed to suit most organisations but also has the ability for easy customisation to allow organisations to adapt the course to any specific rules in place. For example, some organisations may have implemented a drug and alcohol testing programme or have specific assistance programmes in place.


Normandie Health & Safety's range of class-leading eLearning solutions include rich animations (no Flash is used, so eLearning is an option as courses are compatible with iPad's), crisp clean graphics and engaging content.




In this training course employees will learn:

  • The dangers associated with the abuse of alcohol and drugs.
  • Specific rules regarding the management of these substances in the workplace.
  • Where they can get help.




Ensures employees are familiar with your company's policy regarding the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.


Supports employer's efforts/obligation to provide a safe and healthy working environment.


Delivering a Policy that you know has been read (as course completion tracked and test completed) leaving less room for misunderstanding if problems arise rather than relying on an 'informal' understanding of procedures.


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