Legionella Risk Assessment

Our Legionella Risk Assessments are comprehensive and include detailed information in the following areas:


  • Guernsey Legislation, compliance and guidance
  • The condition and design of Hot Water Systems, Cold Water Systems, Tanks, Calorifiers and Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV)
  • Identification of aerosol generation areas
  • Storage and distribution temperatures
  • "Dead-legs" and any identifiable areas of potential proliferation or stagnation
  • Risk posed by each of the above systems
  • Risk to users
  • System Schematics
  • Proposed remedial works recommendations
  • Management Regime Recommendations


Schematic diagrams will be produced for each system surveyed and will include schematic representation of all major distributions and associated plant installation/configuration. The schematic diagrams will be based on a non-intrusive basis and will be based on pipe-work/plant accessibility.


Photographs will be included in the report to illustrate the status and condition of the system surveyed and to highlight particular problems identified during the risk assessment process.


From all data and information gathered during the Site Survey, a listing of Risk of Legionellosis Priority will be produced for the Site surveyed and a detailed remedial works priority listing will then be produced in order to allow for the correct scheduling of all
proposed works


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